Product Modules

Profusion GL (General Ledger)

Manage your ledger by empowering your business

Profusion AR® (Accounts Receivable)

A Tool that brings to better Receivable management

Profusion Sales

Delight your customers by winning the Sales Battle

Profusion AP® (Accounts Payable)

A Tool that brings to better Payable management

Profusion Purchases & Ordering®

It’s impossible to keep your shelves stocked without Profusion Purchases

Profusion INV® (Inventory & Warehouse)

Unlock your boundaries for the smart stocking

Profusion FA® (Fixed Assets)

Comprehensive Module for tracking your assets

Profusion BB® (Bank Book)

Having unique cash flow by managing received & issued cheques

Because we strongly believe one size no longer fits all!

We tailor and custom-tailor the system to perfect fit businesses needs,
so they can focus only on what matters.

Key Functions

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Flexible architecture that guarantees high performance, scalability and productivity with strict security.

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Industry-specific solution to streamline your processes and operations.

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Optimized modular options to manage your resources and assets across all locations of your organization.

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Key Features

How can help your business?

Profusion® enables you to manage your resources and assets across all locations of your organization by aligning and streamlining processes to increase productivity and improve your organization’s overall performance.

Profusion® allows you to address your day-to-day critical business challenges and make accurate decisions by helping you prioritize relevant information and manage change more effectively

Profusion® comes with professional add-on services for large enterprises to sustain the enhanced performance of your enterprise team with a high level of knowledge transfer

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