How to Avoid the Pitfalls in ERP Project

How to Avoid the Pitfalls in ERP Project

How to Avoid the Pitfallsin ERP Project 

Those considering a new ERP system face worrying statistics: Did you know that around half of all ERP projects fail, schedules doesn’t met, and improvements do not live up to expectations.

In fact is, most ERP projects do not fail because of the functionality of the ERP system. They fail because of the ERP implementation process. Therefore, you have to prepare your organization and your team for ERP to success in your projects.

Through our experience, we have identified the "Top Pitfalls of ERP Implementations and How to avoid them".

1# Not Having Clear Objectives

It is important that the reasons behind the new implementation is clearly defined and understood, not only by management but also by the staff or clients who will use the system. Often enough, businesses undertake new technological solutions without properly researching and defining their unique goals and how new enterprise system can help to realize those goals.

 How to Fix It?

To define your objectives, it is also important to map out your current company processes to determine where they fall short and how they can improve upon. By doing this, you will be one-step closer to realizing exactly what system you need and able to determine specific system requirements needed to take your business to the next level of optimum functioning. By meeting with the ProTech team, the requirements of the organizations are well defined and what the organizations need is understood.

2# A Lack of Communication

Seeing that new system implementation effects on teams from management to employees, it is important to prioritize communication throughout the implementation process. Most implementations fail because of inadequate communication between project leaders, management, and employees.

How to Fix It?

Ensure that communication kicks off weeks before the new software implementation sets in. Various company tools, like weekly meetings, support constant communication.

Furthermore, access to documentation on current project progress must be made available to all company staff and open discussions should be encouraged on all matters relating to the use and goals of the new enterprise system. With the ProTech team, we guarantee high skills communication from the start of the project and after its implemented.

3# a Lack of Commitment

To ensure that new enterprise technology is used to its highest potential, it is essential to secure managerial commitment before project implementation is given the green light. In addition to managing employees along with their daily workload, management teams are often overworked and stretched thin across multiple company sectors and projects.

 How to Fix It?

Freeing up necessary resources can help lift some of the burdens of management, enabling them to step more fully into the role of overseeing project implementation. Being aware of the schedules of your managerial team will also help you to form realistic goals regarding their capabilities. Furthermore, showing appreciation for their efforts, maintaining a healthy company culture and encouraging open communication is key in overcoming any project pitfalls. ProTech has a commitment to implementing its projects coupled with a deep knowledge.

4# Fearing Change

Resistance or a fear of change is a common reaction to new technological implementations, especially in situations where employees perceive the improvements as a threat to their livelihood.

 How to Fix It?

Ensure open communication at all times and a thorough discussion on how the new software will affect the company’s performance and the roles or workload of all employees. Furthermore, make sure to address any concerns ahead of time to ensure that it causes minimal damage to the implementation of the enterprise system. With ProTech no need to fear from change

In Conclusion

By paying close attention to all of the above pitfalls, you can prevent any mishaps from occurring during a new software implementation.

Although the entire process needs constant monitoring and attention, with ProTech team at your side and constant open communication, you can ensure proper implementation of enterprise system, which will boost productivity and enable significant growth within your company. This is all thanks to our experience with local institutions in the Profusion ERP system, Cloud App solutions, in addition to the skill of our team, which includes expert specialists.

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