The link Between Productivity & Profitability

The link Between Productivity & Profitability

What is the link Between Productivity & Profitability?

Lean thinking enables the organizations to grow profits while eliminating waste. The main principles focus around value, cash flow in push and pull, when it comes down to it, it is about creating environment customer satisfaction with employee satisfaction. While reducing costs by reducing wasted time, effort and supports. To makes it much easier to achieve a business and improve profits and productivity you should have an enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

What about ERP system ?

ERP system improves visibility for companies by organizing and centralizing the data that is important to the business into one place. As a result, all organization information is available for employees to access when needed to ensure jobs are carried out efficiently.  Unified ERP system reduces any need for departments and individuals to create their departmental spreadsheets or databases to perform tasks. Cutting out the requirement for manual procedures will save time across all departments, giving greater profitability and improving the productivity of workers, wherever they are!

Common Problems for organizations

While every business is different and has its own unique set of challenges, most of them will face at least some of the following problems:

·  Inefficient scheduling of resources

·  Slow production cycles

·  Uncontrolled purchasing procedures

·  Inefficient materials requirement planning

·  Data inconsistencies

·  Decreasing customer loyalty

·  High overhead costs

·  Delayed financial tracking and analysis

Overtime, experiencing any of these problems can negatively affect your bottom line. If you are currently having any of the above problems, your business can benefit from investing in ERP system. For example, Profusion® ERP system can help define best optimize activities and help you to control over your processes.

How can Profusion® ERP system Improves Visibility?

Profusion® ERP system organizes the data essential to the business. It provides visibility to all the systems and processes and integrates them so all employees have access to the information they need, to do their jobs more efficiently.

Storing company information in one common database makes it easier to manage and share information among key person within the company. Employees often use their own spreadsheets and databases to perform their jobs By providing companies with a single, unifying system ; Profusion® ERP system creates a simplifies communication and makes it easier to understand and share important information.

How Profusion® ERP system Streamlines Operations?

Business processes and activities have become increasingly complex, requiring multiple teams and divisions to operate as a single, cohesive unit. Without ERP system, creating departmental coordination and workflow execution can be very challenging. Profusion® ERP system helps organizations streamline their business processes in the following ways:

1.  Eliminating data entry errors

Once data entered into the system, Profusion® ERP system automatically updates the data in the entire system, ensuring that employees have access to the most up-to-date information with the click of a button.

2.  Enhancing workflow

Profusion® ERP system helps your business improve efficiency by providing a way to standardize work sequences throughout all processes.

3.  Collaborating with suppliers, customers and remote employees

The web-native platform of Profusion® ERP system gives businesses the ability to connect with their business partners. Each member of your team can log on to the Profusion® wherever their located.

4.  Working with multiple languages and business rules

For companies who operate globally, Profusion® gives them the ability to document directions in Arabic and English languages.


Effective ERP system is crucial to the organization’s success because of its ability to manage business across all departments in the organization. Burdensome, error-prone, labor-intensive manual processes can consume both time and money. To be profitable and competitive, businesses must streamline operations across all departments, including automating routine activities, as much as possible.

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