How to Find the Best SMB Accounting System

How to Find the Best SMB Accounting System

How to Find the Best SMB Accounting System 

Every small business needs accounting system to maximize the efficiency of the organization. Accounting tools save you time, money, and help you make business decisions.

For small business owners, managing their firm’s accounting system and maintaining financial book is essential for keeping a check on the amount payable and receivable. However, managing all the financial data manually is not possible. Therefore, you require biloba Accounting system ®, practical accounting system to utilize your business’ day-to-day functions easily.

Cloud-based Accounting System

Cloud-based applications are the most used today; they are highly secure and easy to organize. The best small business accounting system fits within your budget, is easy to use, and allows you to track both income and expenses. The accounting system you choose should also include the ability to produce report of financial statements and other reports to give an insight about your financial business.

biloba Accounting system ®describes itself as a "simple and user-friendly " itis a cloud-based accounting application that's easily accessible across all your devices. You can Signing up for a trial account; it took just a few minutes. The signup process doesn't require a credit card – you simply enter your email address and password, then check your email and click a link to verify the setup. 

What makes the best accounting system for small business?

Each accounting system offers an advanced list of features. However, few features are important for your business to function. These would allow a business owner to manage the process easier.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when looking for accounting system for a small business:

Smooth user interface to go along

It is a good practice to take a free trial of the system that you’re interested in and check if you’re okay with the user interface and how things work. Are you able to create invoices in a few clicks? Do you need any additional tools for your accounts?

Cloud-based data processing

Gone are the days when you needed to add your data to spreadsheets manually to manage your accounting. You can use a cloud-based accounting, such as biloba ® , to access your financial information from any place (office, home, etc.).

Multi-currency support

If you run a global business, like an e-commerce store, don’t forget that you’ll want a multi-currency feature in your accounting system. Global currency support, or the ability to generate invoices in the client’s currency, it is necessary for small businesses , biloba ®support this important feature.

Business unit

biloba ® Allowing you to monitor the hours spent on a project easily. You can also bill clients for hours tracked and expenses incurred on their projects.

✨ Dashboard

When you log in to biloba ®  , a dashboard that shows you an overview of your financial transactions and activity  such as cash flow, expenses, accounts payable and receivable.

User roles

When you add users to your account, you assign them a role that determines what features they can access. Accountants can access your dashboard, reports, invoices and expenses. Other users can access projects, track additional expenses.

Customer Service

Provides 24/7 customer service and this is great for small business owners that work almost 24 hours per day. They easily get accounting system convenience with 24/7 availability.


Ultimately, making a decision might not be easy if you’re a small business owner and just want to get your accounting “taken care of.” We hope this list has been helpful.

biloba ® is a good choice for your small business’s accounting needs if you are a service-based company that does not need to track inventory. biloba ® also offers the basic accounting, invoicing, and receipt scanning features .

biloba ® is one of the few accounting system solutions you can use to run multiple businesses from one account.

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