Why ERP Integration is important for your business?

Why ERP Integration is important for your business?

Why ERP Integration is important for your business?

What is ERP? 

Enterprise Resource Planning is a business management software that helps simplify,  track, manage and work for organization with their data in the back-end & operational modules & human resource management  such as Sales and Marketing, Inventory Management, Finance and Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management, Purchase, bankbook, and more.

What is ERP Integration?

In short, connecting all the points in a business leverages to input, manage, track and output data that are meaningful and important. An ERP Integration connect your ERP software with other business applications. So it is also necessary that your ERP software communicates with all other platforms and synchronizes data.

Why should you do ERP Integration?

ERP is the base for any business. For most of you who ask, why you really need an ERP solution, it is because of its ability to boost your customer engagement and operating procedures. Let us look for some case at what could go wrong if you do not have ERP Integration in place for your business.

  1.  Manual Dataflow:This increases workforce burden and operation effectiveness. ERP Integration is necessary to eliminate this time consuming, labor-intensive work.
  2.  Poor Sales Conversions: Poor sales making you lose leads that can become customers.
  3. Mismatch between inventories and other system modules & components : team  collaboration is bound to be disorganize, such as :

    1. Series of interactions goes on between the sales and inventory team, this leading to conflicts and dissatisfaction between both teams.
    2. The product has gone out of stock from the store.
    3. The result is counterproductive in terms of business revenue.

How can ERP products & services help businesses?

Knowing that more businesses of all sizes are need ERP systems today than ever before Here are some of the main reasons and benefits why organizations use ERP systems:

  1.    Substantial Systems Integrations: All the competitive features in one consolidated system.
  2.   Efficient Process Automation: Get your team supercharged with a real success driver.
  3.   Improved Real-time Visibility: Never Lose Sight of What Makes Your Business Trackable and       Profitable.
  4.   Smart Cost Savings: Controlled Business. Controlled Cost.
  5.   Noticeable IT Time Saving: The Smoother System You Have, the More Hassle-free IT Man Can Be.
  6.   Comprehensive and Accurate Reports.
  7.  Key Flexibility and Personalization:
  8.   Enhanced Security: Putting Your Business at High Status with Secure Data.
  9.   Scalable Solutions: Specially Developed to Fuel Growing Business.

Four keys to ERP’s successful integration with ProTech:

Even though each company will have different use cases, there are some clear recommendations for the successful integration of ERP with ProTech:

  •   ProTech has the power of knowledge

“Large businesses lose 47$ million annually while raising their productivity because knowledge is not shared efficiently among workers." Stat source (1)

  •   ProTech knows how to do successful project management

"Knowing that only %2.5 of companies’ successfully complete %100 of their projects is truly troubling". That is not the case with ProTech. Stat source (2)

  •  ProTech masters potent communication skills

“57% of projects fail due to “Breakdown in communications. Stat source (3)

To build creative solutions possible addressing your business needs, our proven process follows five phases, helping clients diagnose & address their critical challenges.  


If you have been with us until now, you will have understood most of your need to about what ERP Integration is, why you need to integrate your ERP, the benefits from integration, and how ProTech provides a suitable ERP Integration solution for your business.ProTechhas been providing seamless integration solutions for several customers using Profusion ERP system. Visit us on www.protech-soft.com for more information; you can also Contact Us to answer your inquiries & questions






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